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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trader dispels rumors; offers reward

A businessman who owns and operates several establishments on island appeared in public yesterday to dispel rumors of his death, which surfaced after news broke out about a couple who were found dead in their San Vicente residence.

Wei Duong Guo, in an interview at the Saipan Tribune office yesterday, also offered a reward of $1,000 in addition to the same amount being offered by NMI Crime Stoppers to anyone with information that would help in the arrest of those responsible for the gruesome crime.

Guo is the owner of American Herbal Essence Group Corp. and Hen Qi Li Corp., which runs Pretty Market, Pretty Kitchen, Pretty Host, and Pretty Tour, among other businesses on Saipan.

Guo, through his friend Norman Xing who served as translator, said the report about his death rapidly circulated on Sunday and he has no idea where or how the rumor started.

“Mr. Guo is alive and doing well. His family is also okay. But our hearts go to the family of the Asian couple who was found dead over the weekend,” said Xing.

Department of Public Safety officers discovered two human bodies in a state of decomposition Sunday afternoon.

The dead male and female are believed to be the parents of a 6-year-old first grader, who has been in the custody of the Division of Youth Services since Thursday night after the young boy was not picked up at school.

Guo said he has been busy working at his office since Thursday, adding that he is not related to the dead couple whose names have yet to be released by DPS pending notification of the couple’s next of kin.

“There’s been too much rumor[s] going around that Mr. Guo decided to come out and issue a statement,” explained Xing, adding that anyone who wants to contact Guo may call 285-8588.

“We urge the authorities to put their best effort to get hold of the suspect and solve this horrible crime,” he added.

No suspect

Meanwhile, a statement issued yesterday by DPS said it does not have any reason to believe that the double homicide case is a random crime.

While police do not have any suspects yet, a special task force has been organized to investigate the case and DPS has reached out for assistance to the Commonwealth Ports Police, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the CNMI Office of Homeland Security.

Police said Dr. Aurelio Espinola, Guam chief medical examiner, arrived Sunday night to conduct an autopsy on the two bodies. However, the cause of death will not be released, along with the names of the victims and their son, due to proper notification of the next of kin.

DPS also reminded the public, including the media, regarding the release of certain details of the crime that might jeopardize the ongoing investigation and threaten the safety of the child.

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