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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lifoifoi retains CPA board chairmanship

Members of the Commonwealth Ports Authority board on Friday re-elected Jose Lifoifoi as chairman. Lifoifoi, along with fellow members Manny Villagomez and Margaret Prater, will serve as the board’s key officers for the entire year. Villagomez was re-elected vice chairman, while Prater won another year as the board’s secretary and treasurer.

Lifoifoi, who quit the ports authority board in 2007, was re-appointed a year later and soon after began serving as the board’s chairman. When his term expired in 2011, he was appointed for another four-year term. Lifoifoi’s term at CPA is due to end on Jan. 17, 2015.

Lifoifoi is currently the chairman of the United Micronesia Development Association, Inc. He also served as speaker of the 5th CNMI House of Representatives, and is also the Republic of Palau’s honorary consul general to the CNMI.

The CPA board has seven members, including Lifoifoi, Villagomez, Prater, Benjamin Sablan, Fermin Sakisat, Barrie Toves, and Connie Igisomar.

During Friday’s meeting, the board also briefly discussed issues relating to the potential impeachment of Gov. Benigno R. Fitial, the appointing authority for all board members.

If the governor is impeached, Sablan said it is only proper for all board members to submit their courtesy resignations to the governor.

Sablan asked Lifoifoi to seek a clear direction from the governor whether or not he plans to change the composition of the CPA board. Saipan Tribune learned that Sablan’s term as board member is expiring in June this year.

Meantime, the board approved Friday the creation of a new position and reclassification of another post as requested by the board’s personnel committee.

To be added to the CPA personnel is a property specialist who will be assigned under the procurement and supply office of the ports authority. Approved for reclassification, meantime, is the position of baggage handling specialist foreman.

Also on Friday, the board temporarily appointed attorney Janet King as the board’s legal counsel following the appointment of former CPA counsel Joey San Nicolas as the new attorney general. (Moneth G. Deposa)

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