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Monday, April 21, 2014

MMA fighter from Rota falls short in Alaska bout

Former Rota resident Peter “PK-Da Island Boi” Barcinas-Hocog, right, lost his mixed martial bout in Alaska earlier this month. (Contributed Photo) Peter “PK-Da Island Boi” Barcinas-Hocog lost his mixed martial arts bout in Rock Fighting Championship 2 held last Feb. 1 at the Carlson Center in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Barcinas-Hocog, who originally is from Rota, was defeated by Paul Hougard of Gracie Barra-Anchorage in their 165-lb match. He succumbed to Hougard in the first round via referee stoppage due to strikes.

Barcinas-Hocog said he is taking his setback in stride and submitted a detailed written account of how the match unfolded in good spirits.

“Hey we win some we lose some… I would like to give a big thank you to all my family that supported me with everything no matter the situation. I would like to give a big shout out to my home Luta (Rota) as well as everyone in the CNMI,” he stated in an email on Tuesday.

According to Barcinas-Hocog, he maintained a good pace after the fighters touched gloves and got off a few kicks, but ate a vicious right hand that buckled his knees.

Barcinas-Hocog said he recovered almost immediately and attempted to throw a big overhand haymaker with his left to buy him some time, but Hougard cut him off at the pass again, this time with some heavy knees that did some damage.

Barcinas-Hocog apparently braced himself and went on the defensive at that point.

He tried to shoot in for a takedown, but Hougard fended it off with a strong sprawl and pounced Barcinas-Hocog until the referee called it off.

“Man, I was gushing blood after my takedown I got stuffed so curled up and took cover. I heard the ref telling me to fight back, saying he was going to stop the fight and then before I knew it was over,” said Barcinas-Hocog.

Barcinas-Hocog fights out of team Carlson Gracie under Marcelo Alonso at the Frost Bite Gym in Fairbanks.

He has been training since he was 18 and moved to the U.S. soon after high school to test his might in the cage.

“I instantly got into MMA when they held the first Fury [Fighting Islands] event on Rota. I remember watching some of the local boys scrap it out and have been hooked ever since. MMA is so intriguing and I almost can’t believe I’m living it,” he said.

His parents were not exactly big fans of him getting into competitive fighting at first, but Barcinas-Hocog is happy with the path he chose and is enjoying himself in Alaska where he feels blessed with many opportunities.

Though humbled in defeat, Hocog is still in the green and now holds a fight record of three wins with two losses. He is also celebrating his 24th birthday on Feb. 15.

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