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Friday, April 18, 2014

Repatriation sought for overstaying worker in coma

A nonresident from China found overstaying in the CNMI since July 2005 and ordered to be deported in February 2010 has cost the government hospital some $1.5 million in medical services as of December 2012 for self-inflicted injuries that put him in a coma, said a lawmaker who is now asking for help with the worker’s repatriation.

Rep. Antonio Agulto (IR-Saipan), chairman of the House Health and Welfare Committee, wants the help of U.S. Ambassador to China Gary F. Locke in repatriating Jing Zhi Quiang to China.

Agulto said the repatriation to Quiang’s home country is needed because the Commonwealth Health Center can no longer provide further care because of limited resources.

“All attempts to obtain assistance for Mr. Quiang such as contacting local Chinese organizations to include the Chinese Association, the Chinese Consulate, his family, and former employers have been unsuccessful. CHC feels that it has done all it can for Mr. Quiang and the time has now come to establish official contact with the People’s Republic of China for purposes of arranging for the transport of Mr. Quiang to China,” Agulto said in his House Joint Resolution 18-3, which the House is expected to act on in today’s session.

Senate President Ralph Torres (R-Saipan) said he was also asked by CHC for assistance in Quiang’s case when he was chairman of the Senate Committee on Health.

Torres said yesterday that he as an individual member of the Senate supports Agulto’s joint resolution asking the U.S. ambassador’s help in having Quiang repatriated.

Agulto said Quiang, a Chinese national, was found overstaying in the CNMI since July 2005. The freshman lawmaker said Quiang was ordered to be deported in February 2010.

Quiang, according to the lawmaker, has been hospitalized at CHC since February 2010 “because of injuries that he inflicted upon himself which were so severe that he fell into a coma.”

The Health and Welfare Committee chairman said CHC has spent some $1.5 million as of December 2012 for Quiang’s medical care, medicine, and medical supplies.

“CHC is no longer able to afford to provide free medical services, medicine, and supplies to Mr. Quiang due to extremely limited resources,” Agulto added.

CHC is one of critical agencies lacking funding. It has been under a state of emergency.

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