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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

4 more suspects in Tanapag riot arrested

Police arrested on Wednesday four more suspects in a riot in Tanapag that left a man in critical condition.

Joaquin Glenn T. Rios, 36; Surella Jaema Rios, 31; Ramon S. Kaipat, 35; and Don E. Ngiraked, 41, were all taken to Superior Court yesterday on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, riot, and disturbing the peace. Their bail was set at $20,000 cash each.

The riot occurred at a compound in Tanapag on Saturday afternoon.

Riomano Rios was allegedly hit with a metal baseball bat on the forehead by his cousin, Norbert Rios.

Riomano was last reported in critical condition at the Commonwealth Health Center.

Norbert, who was among the four men earlier arrested, also sustained a laceration in the right eye.

Police detective Jeffrey I. Norita stated in his report that, based on interview with witnesses, during the struggle between Riomano and Norbert, Glenn pointed a shotgun at Moses Rios Jr., Jack Rios, and Moses Rios Sr.

Surella, wife of Joaquin, allegedly threw rocks at Moses Jr. and family.

Ramon Kaipat allegedly joined the rock-throwing, one of which hit Moses Sr.

Ngiraked allegedly hit Moses Jr. on the head a baseball bat. He then dropped the bat and ran away. It was the same bat that Norbert allegedly used to hit Riomano.

On the day of the riot, police arrested Norbert, Moses Sr., Moses Jr., and Jack.

Moses Sr. and his sons Moses Jr., Riomano, and Jack allegedly assaulted Norbert with rocks and a wooden club.

Police learned that Norbert got mad at Moses Sr. and his family for not shutting off the water faucet in the compound. A verbal tussle between Moses Jr. and Norbert escalated into a beating and rock-throwing between the two families.

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