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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Compact impact resolution passed unanimously

HAGATNA, Guam—Island leaders at the 32nd Association of Pacific Island Legislature’s General Assembly Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii applauded the Guam Legislature’s efforts in recently passing Resolution 135-32 that requests the introduction of legislation by Guam’s delegate to U.S. Congress, appropriating annual funds and payment from the U.S. Treasury, for outstanding compact impact funds.

Sen. Chris Duenas, author of the unanimously passed resolution, addressed island leaders at the APIL General Assembly Conference, on the regional significance of the resolution.

The resolution calls for the Guam delegate to Congress, Madeleine Z. Bordallo (D-GU), to introduce legislation to recover past reimbursements from the federal government for hosting of citizens of the Freely Associated States. The resolution highlights four requests from the delegate:

1. The Guam Delegate to Congress introduce legislation that appropriates  $50M per annum until the outstanding amount of compact impact costs due and payable have been paid in full.

2. The annual appropriation of $50 million is in addition to any sums that are to be appropriated in each fiscal year for compact impact reimbursement costs.

3. The additional appropriation’s source of funding is the U.S. Treasury. 

4. Congressional hearings on such legislation are held in Guam at a time and location convenient to the House of Representatives and the people of Guam.

“I was both humbled and pleased that the resolution received support from many of the insular areas under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior as well as the island’s administered by the COFA agreement. There is recognition that the lack of reimbursement affects government services and quality of life for everyone who resides on Guam,” Duenas said.

Duenas said he looks forward to the working with Bordallo on the issue. (PR)

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