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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Dynamic Airways to launch regular flights next month

Dynamic Airways director Kevin Lee, center, is flanked by the company’s general sales agent from Korea, Jun-Yong Cho and Gun-Jun Park, after a meeting Friday on island. Dynamic Airways will launch its twice-weekly flights from Incheon, Korea to the CNMI starting on Oct. 30. Using a Boeing 767, the company plans to operate four times weekly flights from Incheon in December.  (Moneth G. Deposa) A U.S.-based airline operator will soon launch regular flights to the Commonwealth, marking its first foray into the Korea market.

Dynamic Airways will kick off the company’s operation next month with additional airlift from Incheon, Korea.

Kevin Lee, Dynamic Airways director, was on island last Friday, along with the company’s general sales agents in Korea.

In an interview with Saipan Tribune, Lee disclosed that Dynamic Airways will fly the Saipan-Incheon/Incheon-Saipan route twice a week starting Oct. 30, using a Boeing 767 with a seat capacity of 250. The twice-weekly flights are scheduled every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Dynamic Airways will join the CNMI’s signatory airlines Delta and Asiana airlines, which serve the Japan and Korea markets respectively.

Based on the schedule obtained by Saipan Tribune, Dynamic Airways’ Saipan departure is slated at 2:20am on Wednesday and 2pm on Saturday. Its Incheon departure, meantime, is scheduled at 8:30pm on Wednesday while 7:30pm on Saturday.

Lee said the twice-a-week flights are until Dec. 14. After that, Dynamic Airways will expand its flights to four times a week, also from the same market.

Saipan Tribune learned that Dynamic Airways was formally acquired by its new owners in May this year. Since then, Lee said the company has been working on getting the flights to the CNMI off the ground.

Dynamic Airways, according to Lee, took over the former owner’s FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) 121 Certificate as an airline operator. Besides the CNMI, Lee said that Dynamic Airways has other operations all over the United States.

As a U.S. airline, Lee explained that Dynamic Airways is not required to secure other permits such as local permits in the CNMI. “We are an FAA-certified 121 operator and because this is a U.S. soil, as a U.S. airline, we don’t need anymore to get [additional] permits to fly [here],” he explained.

Lee said the company will use one aircraft and a backup plane for the twice-weekly flights from Incheon. “We have five aircraft (all 767) that we plan to bring in here for our expanded routes. But for now, we are going to take it step by step,” he said.

Lee disclosed the airline’s plan to also serve the Japan and China markets in the long run. Saipan Tribune learned that Dynamic Airways wholly owns the five 767 aircraft for its long-term business plan.

Dynamic Airways, Lee said, decided to offer its services to the Commonwealth to bring to the islands fair market competition that will boost the CNMI’s airlift and will help revive its tourism industry.

Lee assured that the new airline will offer a lower and fair market value for its tickets while ensuring a high standard of service.

To date, three attendants who were hired locally just completed training at its facility in the U.S. while more attendants are undergoing a similar training.

“Our plan is to support the growth here in the U.S. point of view…and this is our first step,” he said.

Lee refused to disclose the amount of investment they poured into the CNMI operation, but estimated the amount at a few millions. In acquiring one aircraft alone, he said, the company spent some $8 million.

Besides Lee, also on island on Friday were the company’s general sales agents in Korea, including Jun-Yong Cho and Gun-Jun Park.

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