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Friday, April 18, 2014

MCS welcomes Sutherland and Blanco

Mount Carmel School welcomed four new teachers at the beginning of this school year, and at last week’s flag assembly two more employees were added to the MCS family: Walter J. Sutherland and John S. Blanco.

Sutherland hails from Evansville, Indiana and graduated from the University of Southern Indiana in 2009 with a bachelor’s degree in business.

Before accepting the position as an eighth grade teacher at Mount Carmel School, Sutherland served as a sports reporter and photographer for the Saipan Tribune where he met many of the island’s people and wrote feature stories about aspiring athletes.

Sutherland described his experience so far at MCS as "challenging" but added that the students, faculty, and staff make him feel right at home. Sutherland is no stranger to Saipan, as his mother, Lulu Cepeda, graduated from this very school in 1971.

John S. Blanco, the newly appointed director of Institutional Development, is also no stranger to Mount Carmel School. He is a 1990 AlumKnight, and two of his children, Juan and Elisa, are following in his footsteps as students of MCS.

After graduating from high school, Blanco attended Washington State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences. He returned to Saipan and worked for the Department of Commerce in various capacities, and also taught at Saipan Southern High School for three and a half years.

When asked why he came back to MCS, Blanco said, “I love this school, and I’ve always wanted to help the school, one way or another.” He described his current position as his “dream job.”

Blanco plans to identify funding for MCS, and is very enthusiastic about improving the sports program in the school by introducing football and hopefully making MCS a “football powerhouse.”

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