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Sunday, April 20, 2014

UFO raises $11K for Yolanda victims

United Filipino Organization president Annamae Adaza is joined by other officers and members in presenting the check to honorary consul nominee Eli Arago. (Contributed photo) The United Filipino Organization raised more than $11,000 for victims of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), which devastated large swaths of the central Philippines on Nov. 8 and left over 5,000 dead in its wake.

UFO president Annamae Adaza said they were able to raise a total of $11,184.64 through fund drives at the Sabalu Market at the Civic Center, Flea Market at the Marianas Business Plaza, and Tuesday and Thursday markets at the Garapan Fishing Base, on top of donations from companies, private individuals, and other organizations.

“We are so grateful for the whole CNMI community that participated in the fund drive and relief efforts for the victims back home. I always believe that we can accomplish a lot of things if we all work together and if we don’t care who gets the credit. The true meaning of extending help means you don’t expect something in return,” she said.

The money will be forwarded to ABS-CBN’s Sagip Kapamilya program.

Honorary consul nominee Eli Arago said he was pleasantly surprised at the amount of money raised by the group, saying it only goes to show that compassion and the drive to help people in need are very much alive not only among overseas Filipinos on Saipan but also among other nationalities on the island.

Arago said the money raised is also quite impressive if one takes into account that the previous fund drive for the victims of the Bohol earthquake also raised $5,000.

Adaza echoed Arago’s amazement. “Since we just concluded the earthquake fund drive, we didn’t expect that we can collect more but just watching the news it touched a lot of people’s hearts and the help was overwhelming.”

UFO also initiated an in-kind donation campaign in tandem with LBC Mabuhay, which agreed to ship the donated items free of charge to the Philippines, where it will be turned over the Philippine Red Cross. A total of 401 boxes were filled with items such as clothes, shoes, canned goods, blankets, etc.

The companies, organizations, and individuals that donated are the following: LBC Mabuhay, Docomo Pacific, Shell gas stations, Shenanigan’s Restaurant, Genpro International Inc., Pacific Marine and Industrial Corp., HBR International, Inc., Godfather’s Bar, Barny’s Pizza & Pasta House, Don Pedro Restaurant, Cargo Express (Saipan), Inc., KWAW 100.3 FM, High Pitch Band, Dollar Days, Marianas Business Plaza, Pacific Homes, Bangon Kabayan Group, National Office Supply, D&Q, D’ Elegance Café, Jhems Restaurant, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pink House, Get Covered Tent, Gold Ribbon, Shirley’s Catering, Dhag Sañga, Diamond Auto Parts, Dolphin Wholesale, Green Consume, Happy Market As Lito, Traders Insurance, Ms. Charie of Koblerville, Tina Borja, Give a dollar donation c/o Rachelle Alturas, GIG Discotheque, WTT (USA) LLC, McDonald’s Saipan, TC Catering, Art Man Corp., Merle Hudkins, Carmela Palijo, Jim Arenovski, Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan staff, students from Marianas High School, Saipan Southern High School, Garapan Elementary School, San Vicente Elementary School, Houseworker, RNV Construction, CMS, Bayani Association, MDX Radio Club, Triskelion, MIFICPA, Kapit Bisig, NMC, BIBAK, Masons Group, LBC staff, Visminda, KSPN, Lions Club, Cornerstone Church, Tan Holdings, BOHOLANO, and Office of Aging.

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