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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Western Union resumes services in Tacloban, Leyte
First to reopen and offer international money transfer services in Tacloban, facilitating much needed remittances to loved ones

The USSC branch along Rizal Avenue in Tacloban City, Leyte, Philippines. (Contributed Photo) PHILIPPINES, Manila—As makeshift markets pop up in the Leyte province in a bid for normality after Typhoon Haiyan, Universal Storefront Services Corp.—anchor agent of The Western Union Company—has successfully reopened two key locations in Tacloban to offer international money transfer services. USSC is the first to enable the transfer of much needed cash from overseas for embattled residents in this worst hit area.

Despite the operating challenges, USSC stores along Rizal Avenue and M.H. del Pilar Street in Tacloban are coping by running on power generators with cash being flown in from Cebu to replenish the cash stocks badly needed by the beneficiaries in Tacloban. In addition, 14 other USSC stores throughout Leyte and Samar have also resumed operations as soon as cellular signals became available.

“Just like much of the province, we are making do with what little we have. A power generator is not ideal but it is getting the job done and as of this moment, the stores are able to pay out all money transfers,” said Gabriel Paredes, president & CEO, Universal Storefront Services Corp. “Just days earlier, USSC officers from the Visayas Region boarded the military C130 cargo plane to search for employees possibly hurt or missing from their washed out premises in the province. They also distributed 5,000 packs of relief goods to the needy. We do our best to always be there for our customers, employees, and the community; and this gets affirmed every time there is a national disaster.”

“The opening of the two USSC locations will provide much needed cash injections to those that need it most; sent by loved ones and well-wishers from overseas,” said Patricia Riingen, Senior Vice President, East & South Asia, Western Union.

“Western Union and USSC have been providing services to our loyal customers in the Philippines for 18 years out of our 22 year tenure in the Philippines. It is times like these it becomes ever more of a priority to continue servicing them,” said Patricia Riingen.

To enable more consumers around the world to support the relief efforts in response to Typhoon Haiyan’s aftermath, Western Union announced no-fees on inward transfers from 43 countries into the Philippines until Nov. 30, 2013. (Western Union)

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