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Monday, April 21, 2014

Guam Nat’l Guard battalion now preparing to go home

Task Force Guam, also known as 1-294th Infantry Regiment, Guam Army National Guard, is preparing to start its redeployment process from Afghanistan, to their mobilization site at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, according to Maj. Gen. Benny M. Paulino, Guam National Guard Adjutant General.

The unit is tentatively expected to start their redeployment process sometime in the middle of next month, and may last through early January.

“The island community has provided a tremendous amount of support to our deployed troops and their families. As our battalion begins its journey back home, I am very confident that people of Guam will be prepared and ready to welcome our warriors home with open arms,” Paulino said.

The battalion’s close to 600 soldiers deployed to Afghanistan early this year in support of Operation Enduring Freedom-Afghanistan.

The unit began its deployment, flying to Camp Shelby in February, where they conducted their mobilization training for several weeks, before proceeding to their mission locations in Afghanistan. Once in country, they were dubbed “Task Force Guam.”

The Guam Guardsmen were dispersed throughout Afghanistan, covering thousands of square miles, with a mission of providing security forces, guardian angels and personal security detachments. Its overall mission was to support the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan’s effort establishing an Afghan-led security force.

The 1-294th IN RGT is composed of soldiers from Guam and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands.

The activation of the 1-294th IN RGT is largest group of reserve component troops to be mobilized and deployed from Guam.

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