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Friday, April 18, 2014

Economic indicators for Q1, Q2 now out

The CNMI Department of Commerce’s Central Statistics Division released for public consumption the Economic Indicators Quarterly Report for 1st and 2nd quarter 2013.

This report covers updated banking, remittance, auto sales, visitors arrival, hotel daily rate, hotel occupancy rate, imports, telephone lines, building permits, and a short presentation of the CNMI Consumer Price Index data.

Based on this report, total deposits compared to second quarter of 2012, increased by 12 percent, loans by 5 percent, little change in remittance, auto sales by 28 percent, visitor arrival by 12 percent, hotel occupancy rate by 18 percent, imports by 25 percent, phone lines by 2 percent, with building permits down by 11 percent.

The report may be accessed online at the Commerce website, www.commerce.gov.mp, under the Central Statistics Division, http://commerce.gov.mp/divisions/central-statistics/. (Office of the Governor)

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