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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chengdu travel agents tour Saipan

Marianas Visitors Authority marketing specialist Laura Hsiao, at front center, welcomed Asiana Airlines and Century Tours nine travel agents from Chengdu, China on a FAM(iliarization) tour of Saipan on Nov. 26-29, 2013. Their tour included a visit to Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort. (MVA) Asiana Airlines, Century Tours, and the Marianas Visitors Authority welcomed nine travel agents from Chengdu, China on a FAM(iliarization) tour of Saipan last week, Nov. 26-29. Chengdu is the largest city and capitol of Sichuan Province in southwest China.

“The group said they were very impressed with Saipan, our beautiful ocean, and the friendly people they met here,” said MVA marketing manager Bruce Bateman. “Because Sichuan Province is land bound, people in Chengdu love traveling to the tropics on vacation. They want to see and enjoy the ocean and warm sunshine, like we offer in Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.”

While on Saipan, the group inspected several hotels, including Hyatt Regency Saipan, Kanoa Resort, Saipan World Resort, and Lao Lao Bay Golf Resort. The group lodged at Fiesta Resort & Spa. Other activities on their itinerary included a tour of American Memorial Park and Micro Beach, a submarine tour, an island tour, a jungle tour, Fiesta Resort & Spa dinner show, water sports at Managaha, lunch at 360 Revolving Restaurant, a sunset dinner cruise on Putiā€™on Saipan, and visiting DFS Galleria, I Love Saipan and other stores in downtown Garapan. The FAM tour will allow the participants to have first-hand knowledge when selling the destination to potential visitors.

Two of the agents advised there are only six golf courses in Chengdu to accommodate an estimated 50,000 golfers, so golf tours to the U.S. are popular. The agents said there was great potential for tours to the Northern Marianas for golf and wedding/honeymoon niche markets.

Also, upon special request of the group to experience indigenous culture and tradition, authentic Chamorro and Carolinian dances were performed at their welcoming dinner at Kanoa Resort. (MVA)

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