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Monday, April 21, 2014

Mount Carmel’s ‘12th Knight’ to take center stage at the PIC

A two-night show will take center stage beginning next week at the Charley’s Cabaret of the Pacific Islands Club when the Mount Carmel School Theater Club treats audiences to jazz, dance, and laughter in their Christmas offering, 12th Knight.

12th Knight is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, which the club has renamed and set for performances on Dec. 11 and 12, starting at 7pm each night.

Theater Club adviser and MCS president Galvin Deleon Guerrero said that jazz, dance, and comedy will all come together in a New Orleans, Mardi Gras interpretation of Shakespeare’s classic tale of bizarre love triangles and mistaken identities, all with a Christmas twist.

“I think this is our funniest show yet,” said Deleon Guerrero, who is directing the production. He said the cast has done an amazing job of adapting the script in a way that retains the funny storyline and many of the original lines, while at the same time making the show relevant and understandable for all ages.

“The cast has also developed really good, comedic chemistry that highlights the ensemble nature of most of Shakespeare’s comedies. When you add singing and dancing to the mix, it makes for a very humorous and entertaining show,” he said.

Lead actors Andrew Manese, who plays Viola/Cessario, and Soon Kwon, who plays Duke Orsino, agreed.

As Manese put it, “The show is hilarious and is going to be one of the best plays Mount Carmel has ever put on.”  

“All the actors are great and were cast in roles very similar to their personalities,” she said.

As someone who is also the vice president of the Student Council and active in numerous extra-curricular activities, including Mock Trial, National Forensics League, and altar serving in the Mount Carmel Cathedral parish, Manese still makes time for the Theatre Club. 12th Knight marks her seventh production with the club.

When asked why she continues to perform with the club, Manese said, “It’s fun and I love the people. Working with kids from all grades between 2nd grade and 12th grade, you get close to them, which makes it easier to work with them. Nothing beats putting on a show and seeing the joy you bring to the audience. I love Theatre Club.”

12th Knight will be Kwon’s first show with the Theatre Club but he is no stranger to the stage, having performed in numerous Friends of the Arts and International Thespian Society productions. When asked about what it’s been like to perform with the MCS Theatre Club, he said, “I appreciate the freedom we have as cast and crew members to change and adapt things into something that we own and love. By owning the material like this, we can act as who we are.”

As for the show itself, Kwon said, “It’s so funny and fun! Everyone is playing up their role so well. I can’t wait for opening night!”

Admission to the show is $5 for all ages and tickets can be purchased at Mount Carmel School’s Business Office or at the door. However, due to limited seating, advance purchase of tickets is encouraged. For more information, call 234-6184.

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