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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Probable cause found to charge man in attack on elderly man

Superior Court Associate Judge Kenneth L. Govendo has found probable cause to warrant the filing of charges against a 27-year-old man accused of hitting an elderly man with a PVC pipe and a drum can on the face and head.

At a preliminary hearing on Thursday, Govendo determined that the prosecution presented enough evidence that Matt Souneng may have committed the offenses of aggravated assault and battery, two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, senior citizen physical abuse, obstructing justice, and resisting arrest.

The judge did not find probable to charge the defendant on five other offenses.

Govendo ordered Souneng to answer the charges. He is being kept on a $10,000 cash bail.

Assistant attorney general James McAllister appeared for the government at the hearing. Assistant public defender Eden Schwartz served as counsel for Souneng.

According to police investigation, Souneng hit the victim in the face with a PVC pipe outside the latter’s house in Koblerville on Nov. 24, 2013. The victim ran toward his garage, but the suspect threw the pipe, hitting him in the back.

The victim grabbed the pipe and chased Souneng, who ran across the road. The suspect picked up a drum can and hit the victim’s head with it. The victim collapsed for a few minutes due to head injuries.

Souneng also allegedly pushed a responding police officer on the chest and resisted from being handcuffed.

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