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Monday, April 21, 2014

US give FSM $8.7M in Compact aid payments

In November, the FSM Department of Finance received Compact Grant Assistance payments from the U.S. government totaling $8.8 million.

These payments were for Compact Sector Grants: education, $3,770,000; health, $3,200,000; infrastructure, $613,587; public sector capacity building, $509,000; private sector development, $322,000; environment, $258,000; and enhanced reporting and accountability, $204,000.

This amount is provided to the states of the FSM as follows: Chuuk, $3,617,000; Kosrae, $1,196,028; Pohnpei, $2,350,475; and Yap, $1,713,084.

Technical assistance grant

The Pohnpei Public Auditor’s Office also received a technical assistance grant of $78,600 from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Affairs for the development of a Compliance Investigation Unit.

Sophia Pretrick, who provided the same service to the Yap Public Auditor’s Office through a prior OIA technical assistance grant, has returned to Pohnpei and will take the lead in establishing the Pohnpei Unit.

She will train staff to become compliance investigators and to provide fraud awareness education to the general public, and also to establish collaborative working relationships with other state agencies. (U.S. Embassy)

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