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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Siberia hosts Russian cultural day for 30 kids

Some 30 children took part in the “Russian Cultural Experience Day” hosted by Siberia Restaurant last Sunday. (Contributed photo) Some 30 children took part in Siberia Restaurant’s “Russian Cultural Experience Day” on Sunday at the second floor of the ABC Store building in Garapan.

The two-hour event had the participants learning about Russian culture, including its history and some of the country’s traditional dances and games.

Among the traditional Russian dances they learned were the Prisyadka, Khorovod, and the Bear Dance.

After they were taught the steps, participants took part in games. The group was divided into two teams with the challenge of copying the movements of the preceding dancing pair.

Participants also learned about Russian traditional costumes like the Kokoshnik (headdress), Sarafan (dress), and Rubakha (shirt).

Next up was a non-Russian traditional game, which involved wrapping a person with toilet paper ala-mummy.

The penultimate event was a lesson on the Russian tea ceremony where participants got to sample samovar tea that was served with traditional Russian desserts like Bilini and Pirozhiki (Russian apple pie). Siberia Restaurant staff also served Berry Morse (crushed berry juice) to participants

Each of the 30 or so participants was also presented with a traditional Russian gift, called Матрёшка.

Siberia Restaurant is owned by Emerald City LLC. It is located on the second floor of the ABC Building across DFS Galleria, along Beach Road. It is open from 10am to 11pm daily. For reservations and for more information, call 233-7733.

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