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Friday, April 18, 2014

Sendin, Horton rule Open division races

Saipan’s Charlie Sendin heads down to Kagman during last Saturday’s Hell of the Marianas Century Cycle Race.  (PHOTOS By ROSELYN B. MONROYO) Saipan’s Charlie Sendin and Guam’s Derek Horton were the top amateur finishers in last Saturday’s 7th Annual Hell of Marianas Century Cycle.

Sendin posted the fastest time in the MTB division, making it at the finish line at Marianas Resort & Spa in 3:32:32, about two minutes ahead of Bob Ferrer (3:34:36). Joining Sendin and Ferrer in the Top 3 in the Open MTB was Enrique Suba, who clocke din at 3:50:50.

In the open road bike division, Horton checked in at the 3:05:40 to finish way ahead of China’s Zhiyoung Zhen, who submitted 3:15:34. Rounding out the Top 3 was Saipan’s Nap Dizon, who registered 3:20:14.

In the 14 to 25 age group, 15-year-old Jerome Diyco won the division after breaking the four-hour barrier with his 3:36:14. China’s Yifei Jiang was far behind at second place after clocking in at 4:25:15, while Saipan’s Gerald Rangamar took third place after recording 4:32:15.

Yifei’s compatriot We Wang nailed top honors in the 26 to 35 age group after crossing the finish line at the 3:39:38 mark. Saipan’s Edwin Morales timed in at 3:53:21 to place second and beat third finisher Tobias Theisen of Guam (4:06:41).

In the 36 to 45 age group, Peter Prestley prevailed over Guam’s Rodo Benfield and fellow Saipan biker Brad Ruszala. Prestley submitted 3:33:46 for a nearly 22-minute lead against Benfield, who posted 3:54:49, while Ruszala missed the four-hour cut after logging 4:33:14.

In the 46 to 55 age group, there was a close fight between Guam’s Mark Walters and Saipan’s Tyce Mister with the former tallying 3:26:00 to edge the latter’s 3:16:14. Guam’s Arthur Guerrero rounded out the Top 3 after checking in at 3:31:09.

The over 56 age group category had Russia’s Gennady Ionin finishing ahead of two Saipan bikers. Ionin clocked in at 3:38:52 to beat Willy Barbo and Manny Sitchon, who registered 3:42:02 and 4:12:25, respectively. In the manatee male, Theron Holloway was the lone entry and made the four-hour cut with his 3:29:32.

In the MTB division, the manatee top honors went to Floro Derekes of Saipan after logging 4:41:51, while another Saipan biker Rey Tentia was awarded first place in the over 56 age group after posting 4:40:30. Sunny Loma also gained first place in the 26 to 35 division after recording 4:39:20.

In the youngest age group (14 to 24), Wynn Brillo won over Donivan Mendiola, as the former completed the 100-kilometer race in 4:04:16 against the latter’s 6:11:05. In the 36 to 45 age group, Samson Tan clocked in at 4:05:01 to finish ahead of Ferdinand Ramos and Jay Diyco, who timed in at 4:11:00 and 4:14:37, respectively.

In the 46 to 55 age group, no more than two minutes separated the Top 3 finishers. George De Guzman made it to the finish line at the 3:51:12 mark to beat Noel Altamirano (3:52:44), while Joel Felizario completed the Top 3 after recording 3:53:51.

In the women’s division, Guam’s Kristen Ullman tallied 4:37:12 to finish ahead of Saipan’s Susan Marchitti (4:52:11) and fellow Guam biker Blanda Camacho (6:16:46).

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