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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Health advisory for the rainy season

The Commonwealth Healthcare Corp.’s Bureau of Environmental Health advises the public to follow preventive guidelines to protect them from insect- and rodent-related infection and bacterial infection.

- Avoid lowland and inland swimming holes. These areas are likely to contain harmful bacteria levels and can pose other health risks to people who use them frequently. Avoid standing water that is stagnant.

- Remove all artificial breeding areas for mosquitoes and rodents. Avoid standing water or pools of water anywhere, and remove them if possible. Stagnant pools of water serve as breeding areas for disease-carrying mosquitoes, insects, and rodents. Remove and dispose old tires, opened bottles, and used cans to prevent harborage. Clean up yards to remove food, breeding, and hiding spots for rodents, insects and mosquitoes.

- Wear protective clothing in the early morning and at sundown. Most mosquitoes bite during early morning and evening hours. Wear long pants and long-sleeved shirts during this period when outside.

- Practice proper hygiene regularly. As always, wash hands frequently and cover body wounds properly.

This information will help the community to protect themselves from harmful illness and infection. If a family member is experiencing fever with headaches, rash, or flu-like symptoms, contact or see your private physician.

BEH also offers advice on how to avoid mosquito breeding areas and how to properly remove harborage areas from your premises. Should you have further questions or concerns, visit BEH office on Navy Hill or contact 664-4870/72. (BEH)

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