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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Man who allegedly beat up wife found in possession of ‘ice’

Police arrested a 37-year-old man who allegedly choked and punched his common-law wife in front of their 2-year-old son on Monday. He was also allegedly found in possession of methamphetamine or “ice.”

Anthony S. Camacho was arrested for assault and battery, disturbing the peace, and illegal possession of a controlled substance.

At his bail hearing yesterday, Superior Court Associate Judge David A. Wiseman imposed a $500 cash and $4,500 unsecured bond for Camacho’s temporary release.

Meanwhile, police detective Jesse K. Seman disclosed in his report that Raena M. San Nicolas was also arrested after police officers found a .22 long range rifle, .22 ammunition, and marijuana from a car she was driving. The car reportedly belongs to Camacho.

Seman said the Department of Public Safety received a call from Camacho’s common-law wife on Monday at 12:12pm, reporting a disturbance. The alleged victim told a responding police officer that Camacho grabbed her ear and pulled her into their apartment, choked her, and punched her several times in the body.

The beating allegedly occurred in front of their son.

The alleged victim told police that it was not the first time that Camacho beat her up and that she couldn’t remember the many times he had subjected her to physical abuse.

She also alleged that Camacho took her laptop, $200 cash, cell phone, and two silver bracelets worth $240 and left their apartment.

She told police that Camacho could be found at the Summer Holiday Motel in Garapan or at poker rooms in Garapan and Tanapag. She said he was in possession of a rifle and described the car he was driving.

While a detective was interviewing the alleged victim, Camacho called her on their house’s phone three times, telling her he was going to kill himself.

Police immediately issued an all-points bulletin for Camacho’s vehicle. Officers later found the vehicle parked at Summer Holiday Motel.

When the car left, detectives tailed it until it stopped at the Gualo Rai gas station. The officers approached and found San Nicolas driving the vehicle. San Nicolas denied knowing the whereabouts of Camacho and consented to a search of the car. Officers allegedly found the rifle, ammunition, and marijuana in the car.

San Nicolas was arrested for illegal possession of firearm, ammunition, and controlled substance. It was not clear whether she was later released as she has yet to be taken to court.

Detectives later knocked on the door of the room at the motel registered under the name of San Nicolas. When no one answered, the maintenance of the motel opened the door with their extra key.

Camacho was found inside the room and was arrested. Police allegedly found from Camacho’s waist pouch a substance that tested presumptive positive for “ice.” The amount of the “ice” was not indicated in the report.

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