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Monday, April 21, 2014

Bottom fishing derby on Tinian tomorrow

The Tinian Mayor’s Office will be hosting a bottom fishing derby on the island tomorrow, Dec. 14, from 6am to 6pm.

Anglers will be competing for prizes in seven categories—overall biggest, biggest deepwater, biggest shallow water, most variety deep bottom, most variety shallow bottom, total weight deep bottom, and total weight shallow bottom.

Electric reels are the only equipment allowed for deep bottom fishing, while rod and reel, hand lines, and manual or hand drums are allowed for shallow bottom. The use of electric reels for shallow bottom is strictly prohibited.

Qualifying species in the deep bottom fish category are Eight Banded Grouper, Onaga, Slivermouth, Pink Grouper, Greater Amber Jack, Ehu, Blue Line Gindai, Yellowtail-KaliKali, Yellow Banded Grouper, Deepwater Bream, Pink Opakapaka, Opakapaka, Gindai, and Dogtooth Tuna
Qualifying species in the shallow bottom fish category, meanwhile, are Tomato Grouper, Black-tipped Grouper, Yellow Spotted trevally, Job Fish-Uku, Black-saddle Grouper, High Fin grouper, Black Jack, Blue Lined Snapper, Stout Emperor, White-Margined lyretail Grouper, Dogtooth Tuna, Long Nose Emporer, and Redgill Emporer
Organizers said the number of entries will determine the prize amount for each of the categories with the exception of overall biggest fish, which will be a sponsored prize.

All boats and vessels entered in the derby must depart from the Tinian Marina. In addition, all fish must be weighed in at the official weigh station at the Tinian Marina.

Entry fee for the bottom fishing derby is $100 for a boat captain and an angler. Additional anglers cost $25 each. (Saipan Tribune)

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