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Sunday, April 20, 2014

‘My Tomboy in Saipan’ highlights Paskong Pinoy 2013

The Paskong Pinoy 2013 festivities will kick off tomorrow at the Garapan Central Park, with the “My Tomboy in Saipan” competition serving as the event’s highlight.

United Filipino Organization president Annamae Adaza said that five contestants have signed for the competition, which is patterned after the “That’s My Tomboy” segment of ABC-CBN’s popular variety TV show, “Showtime.”

UFO has put up a total prize money of $1,000—$500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third place for the “My Tomboy in Saipan” tilt. It will be hosted by DJ RV of Magic 100.3FM KWAW.

“That’s My Boy” on “Showtime” is seen locally and features androgynous-looking women or lesbians who look and dress like men.

The 2013 Paskong Pinoy will also have a lantern-making contest, children Christmas/art drawing contest, and a Christmas singing competition for adults and children.

Adaza said the adult singing competition (15 years old and up) already has five competitors, while four have signed up for the children’s division (7 to 15 years old). The winner of each division gets $100, second place $75, and third place $50.

The lantern competition will award $100 to the top winner and $75 and $50 for second and third placers, respectively. The price for the raffle ticket is $1.

Performers during the Paskong Pinoy 2013 include the High Pitch Band with Rolly Capayas, Bernice Shane Sabino, Uncle Ben’s Dream Academy Stars, Office of Aging man’amko, Cornerstone Church choir, Erica Faye Tibera, Allen’s School of Dance, Hopwood Junior High School, and the Umang Glee Club.

Seven non-food vendors and four food vendors will also be plying their trade at the event.

Docomo Pacific is again this year’s major sponsor of Paskong Pinoy, which starts 2pm on Saturday. Other sponsors include LBC Mabuhay and the Tan Siu Lin Foundation

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