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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Arroyo tops ‘My Tomboy’ tilt in ‘Paskong Pinoy’

Mr. Tomboy contestants Jenena D. Sollestre, Nancy Cabaluna, and Frauline Arroyo receive their prizes and certificates of appreciation from the United Filipino Organization for participating in the contest. Also in the photo are UFO president Annamae Adaza, extreme left, contest judge Adrea Sablan, event committee chair Nelida Atalig, and emcee DJ Rovic Caberos. (FERDIE DE LA TORRE) Hundreds, mostly families, trooped Saturday to the Garapan Central Park, where the United Filipino Organization held its successful Paskong Pinoy 2013 festivities.

The talent contest “My Tomboy in Saipan” proved to be the event’s highlight, as many people watched and enjoyed the first ever such competition on Saipan. The contest was patterned after the “That’s My Tomboy” segment of ABS-CBN’s popular variety TV show “Showtime.”
Frauline G. Arroyo, going by the moniker “Kute,” bagged the title as “Mr. Tomboy in Saipan” after besting two other contestants. Arroyo, a graphics artist, brought down the house when she danced to South Korean Psy’s K-pop hit Gentleman, followed by Michael Jackson’s Bad.

Nancy Cabaluna, also known as Cito, won second place, while Jenena D. Sollestre, also known as B-Jay, was third. Cabaluna and Sollestre received thunderous applause from the audience with their powerful songs.
The United Filipino Organization put up a total prize money of $1,000: $500 for first place, $300 for second place, and $200 for third place.

Five registered for the contest, but two backed out at the last minute due to unavoidable circumstances.
Rovic “RV” Caberos of Magic 100.3 FM KWAW served as the guest emcee for the competition.
In the singing contest for kids, 7-year-old Lawrence Tubera received the $100 first place prize after besting two other contestants.

Leonard Manuel Alla, 12, got $75 cash as second placer, while Donato Santiago Jr., 8, got $50 for third place.
When Saipan Tribune left at 9:30pm, the singing competition for adults was still ongoing.

The winners of the lantern competition were also awarded cash prizes.

“Paskong Pinoy,” which means Filipino Christmas, was a non-stop entertainment as many performers joined the event that kicked off in the afternoon. Gov. Eloy S. Inos graced the festivities and delivered brief remarks.

Several non-food vendors and food vendors participated. The major sponsors were Docomo Pacific, LBC Mabuhay, and Tan Siu Lin Foundation.

The performers included High Pitch Band with Rolly Capayas, Bernice Shane Sabino, J.R. “The Yoyo Boy” Barro, Walden and Violy Band, HDMP Group from Hopwood Junior High School, Uncle Ben’s Dream Academy Stars, the man’amko group, Cornerstone Church, Erica Faye Tubera and her siblings Justine and Lawrence, and Koblerville Elementary School’s Umang Glee Club.

UFO president Annamae Adaza and Minda Castro served as the emcees of the event. Nelida Atalig chairs the 2013 Paskong Pinoy committee. (Ferdie de la Torre)

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