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Thursday, April 17, 2014

PDM Promoters collects 1,200 lbs of trash

Volunteers from the Saipan Awaodori Team and Kinpachi Restaurant pose for a group photo with the 1,200 lbs of trash they collected during PDM Promoters’ monthly cleanup last Saturday at the Paseo de Marianas. (Contributed Photo) Volunteers from PDM Promoters Inc. were at it again on Saturday, picking up trash at the Paseo de Marianas and its surrounding environs.

Despite their best efforts, however, the amount of trash they pick up has increased instead of decreasing, according to spokesperson Sonia Awa.

Just last Saturday, the 34 PDM Promoters volunteers—10 Kinpachi Restaurant staff and 34 members of the Saipan Awaodori Team—picked up 1,200 lbs of trash from 9am to 10:30am.

The last couple of months, the volunteers gathered 980 lbs (October) and 1,040 lbs (November) of trash at the Paseo de Marianas.

Awa said the kind of trash they collected last Dec. 14 ranged from canned and bottled beer underneath plants and bushes, Styrofoam plates, plastic spoons, baby diapers, and the ever-present cigarette butts.

She said the amount of trash they collected last weekend probably was caused by the holidays, which has increased the number of people who visit the Paseo de Marianas.

The Division of Environmental Quality helped PDM Promoters in disposing of the trash they collected without fee at the transfer station.

PDM Promoters is community group known for its cultural dance group, the Saipan Awaodori Team, and for keeping the Paseo de Marianas spick and span throughout the year.

The group’s monthly cleanups collect up to 1,000 lbs of trash during these drives. PDM Promoters’ monthly cleanup of the Garapan landmark is supported by its major sponsors, TSL Foundation, DFS Galleria Saipan, and Docomo Pacific.

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