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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Battalion FRG dedicates Christmas tree to deployed soldiers

This 5-foot-tall tree, which is prominently displayed at the lobby of the Guam Army National Guard’s Family Readiness Center Battalion Headquarters in Barrigada, is specifically dedicated to Guam’s deployed soldiers. (Contributed Photo) BARRIGADA, Guam—It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Guam Army National Guard’s Family Readiness Center Battalion Headquarters in Barrigada as the Battalion Christmas tree is being decked with handmade decorations lovingly made by the families and loved ones of Guam’s deployed service members.

“This holiday tree is meant to bring cheer to the families of our service members who are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their loved ones. This is one way for them to share their thoughts of goodwill with the community and express their pride for their service members especially during this holiday season,” said Sharleen Perez, Family Readiness Support assistant.

The 5-foot-tall tree, which is prominently displayed at the lobby of Bldg. 200 at the Battalion Headquarters, is specifically dedicated to Guam’s deployed soldiers. Early this month, the FRG issued an invitation to the families to hang their ornaments and Perez said the reception had been satisfactory.

“Since Dec. 13, families of service members have either been sending their personalized decorations or have personally hung their respective ornaments, which are made from different materials. What you will see are not just the traditional glass ball decorations but there also other decors some of which are small picture frames that are made out of Popsicle sticks, ribbons, and other materials. The faces of our soldiers are highlighted on each ornament, quite a sizeable number of which are made by the children of our service members,” Perez said.

“It’s a heartwarming feeling when you see some of the service member’s spouses and relatives and, of course, the children who personally hang their dad’s, uncle’s or auntie’s décor. You can see the happiness in their faces, enjoying the experience of actually helping decorate this big tree specially dedicated to their loved ones,” said Glenda Santos, Family Readiness Council chairperson.

Families have until Dec. 20 to submit their decorations. Only one ornament per soldier is allowed so as to accommodate every service member’s contribution. The décor could be of any shape but the size of which should not exceed 5”x5” or the size of a regular Christmas ornament. Submit the décor to the Battalion Headquarters, Bldg. 200, Room 233, until the close of business on Dec. 20.

For more information, contact Sharleen Perez at 735-4673 or visit the Guam Battalion Infantry FRG on Facebook to get a glimpse of the Battalion Christmas tree and the various ornaments from our soldiers’ families. (FRG)

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