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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Commonwealth Codes now on LRC website

The Commonwealth Law Revision Commission announced yesterday the launch of the Commonwealth Code and the Commonwealth Administrative Code on its website at www.cnmilaw.org. Both Codes are available free of charge and fully searchable. The launch of these products marks a milestone in the legal development of the Commonwealth as for the first time in its history its laws are freely available to all persons anywhere in the world.

The online release of these products was only possible with the strong support of the Commission members: Chief Justice Alexandro C. Castro, Sen. Ray N. Yumul, Rep. Christopher D. Leon Guerrero, Attorney General Joey P. San Nicolas, and Bar Association representative Bruce L. Mailman.

Castro said: "I am elated to have these resources available online so that the Commonwealth joins the world in making its laws freely available on the Internet. I thank the hard work of the Law Revision Commission staff: Michael A. Stanker, executive director; Michael T. Witry, staff attorney; Albert A. Hicking, website and office manager; and Relihna I. Iakopus, publications clerk."

The LRC staff will conduct training sessions on how to use these resources on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota after the holidays for all interested government, private, and educational entities. If you would like to reserve a training session, contact the Law Revision Commission at 236-9820 or at cnmilaw@justice.gov.mp. (LRC)

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