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Sunday, April 20, 2014

88 join SSC Jingle Bell Fun Run

Runners head out to the course of yesterday’s 7th Annual Saipan Swim Club Jingle Bell Fun Run.  (ROSELYN B. MONROYO) Youth runner Seiya Eda led 87 other finishers in yesterday’s 7th Annual Saipan Swim Club Jingle Bell Fun Run.

Eda completed the 4.5-kilometer race in 17:51, beating the time (19:40) of last year’s overall champion Steven Pixley. The Saipan Southern High School student also took the top honors in the male student division of the race that brought runners to as far as the World War II Tank along the Quartermaster Road and back to the start/finish line at the Minatchom Atdao Pavilion across the Oleai Sports Complex.

Eda won the boys student division against Saipan International School’s Rintaro Miyawaki, who also broke the 20-minute barrier with his 19:47. Saipan Community School’s Haruya Eda rounded out the Top 3 in the boys student division after timing in at 20:14.

Haruya placed fourth overall and was behind Ariel Lansangan, the first male adult finisher, who crossed the finish line at 19:55.

In the girls student division, Conatu Kaga led the field after completing the race around the 20-minute mark, just a few seconds behind first adult female finisher Amy Sletten. The victory was Kaga’s second straight and she managed to eclipse her winning time last year (21:56). Sletten bagged her first Jingle Bell Run win, edging former winners Mamiko Oshima-Berger and Pipit Ball. Oshima-Berger ruled the 2010 race after submitting 19:30, while Ball topped the 2011 and 2012 competitions.

The top finishers in the students and adults divisions received in-kind prizes from tournament sponsors, while all finishers got T-shirts. This year’s 7th Annual Saipan Swim Club Jingle Bell Fun Run was supported by IT&E, Hyatt Regency Saipan, Smile Marianas, McDonald’s, National Office Supply, Coca-Cola/Powerade, Pacific Islands Club, Team PDI, Salty’s Grill & Café, Dolphin Wholesale, Bridge Capital, LLC, Law Office of S. Joshua Berger, and Hardt Eye Clinic.

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