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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Man allegedly punches owner of Internet cafe

A man who consumed an alcoholic beverage inside an Internet café in Chalan Kanoa allegedly punched the shop’s owner and showed disrespect to responding police officers on Sunday night.

Timothy John Phillip Kapileo, 26, was arrested for assault and battery and disturbing the peace. He is being kept on a $1,250 cash bail.

Police detective Therese S. Kintoki stated in her report that police officers Nicholas Leon Guerrero and Jackson Jack arrived at C&W Internet Café in Chalan Kanoa on Sunday at 11:23pm after receiving a call about a disturbance. The officers saw Kapileo standing at the entrance to the shop, holding on to the door.

When Leon Guerrero asked him why he was holding the metal door, Kapileo uttered profanities against the officer.

As Jack removed Kapileo from the doorway, the suspect refused to calm down and was very disrespectful toward the two officers.

The shop’s owner told police that Kapileo paid to use the computer then started complaining about the screen. The owner saw Kapileo drinking an alcoholic beverage so he told him twice that he was not allowed to drink inside the shop.

The owner gave back a dollar to Kapileo, but the latter refused to accept it. He yelled at the owner and then allegedly punched him in the stomach.

When the owner stated he would call the police, the suspect went outside, closed the metal door and didn’t want to let anyone out.

Police then arrested Kapileo. (Ferdie de la Torre)

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