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Saturday, April 19, 2014

World Resort donates $12K for Haiyan relief

Saipan World Resort general manager Hyung Cho Kim, A&G director Jake Park, and human resources manager Miriam Seman present the $12,250 check donation of the hotel and its staff to victims of Tyhoon Haiyan last Wednesday. (Contributed Photo) A day after donating $10,000 to the Public School System, Saipan World Resort last Wednesday cut another check for $12,250, this time for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

The donation represents money raised by the Susupe hotel’s own employees and donation made by World Resort’s corporate office in South Korea.

Saipan World Resort general manager Hyung Cho Kim and A&G director Jake Park personally handed the check to United Filipino Organization members led by president Annamae Adaza.

“It’s a donation that we worked out together with the employees of Saipan World Resort and the management. Initially we were planning on giving it to the Philippine Consulate General in Guam but unfortunately they couldn’t make it this December. So I decided it would be best to just give it to the United Filipino Organization and let them work through the consulate,” said World Resort human resources manager Miriam Seman.

She said that $2,250 of the total amount was raised by World Resort staff during a monthlong fundraising campaign that started on Nov. 15. The remaining $10,000 was donated by World Resort’s mother company in South Korea.

World Resort local sales manager Mike Babauta said he couldn’t help but be emotional about the company’s donation to Haiyan victims.

“For myself this is kind of emotional because my wife is from the Philippines as well. The company came to me and the general manager asked what Miriam and I can do so we came out with the idea of a fundraising campaign,” said Babauta. “Everybody’s so happy about this. We started collecting by asking employees for donations. There was 50 cents here and a dollar there and it all added up. The $10,000 came from corporate office in South Korea. The corporate office also really wanted to do something to help.”

Adaza thanked World Resort for the very generous donation. “I’m so happy and very grateful that World Resort coursed the donation through us. This donation will be endorsed to the Philippine Consulate General in Guam. We’re just acting as a bridge. It just goes to show that the whole management and staff of World Resort trusts UFO.”

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