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Monday, April 21, 2014

Fr. Jesse Reyes is now pastor of San Jose Parish on Tinian

Fr. Jesse Reyes officially became the pastor of the San Jose Parish on Tinian last Sunday. Reyes, 42, comes to his new call from San Jose Parish on Saipan. After nearly five years of serving as parish administrator, the congregation is excited about Reyes’ promotion to serve as pastor for the neighboring island.

Fr. Ryan Jimenez, apostolic administrator for the Diocese of the Chalan Kanoa, attended the installation ceremony and explained that, according to the law of the church, holding the position as pastor gives Reyes “the full care of souls.”

“Being a pastor is more of a permanent appointment than a parish administrator,” Jimenez added.

Reyes, however, considers the promotion as “just a title” and vows to continue to spread the Word to the people of Tinian.

In his few years of working on Saipan, Reyes has been involved in several government and community organizations such as being the official chaplain for the Department of Adult Correctional Facility and the spiritual chaplain for Divine Mercy.

Reyes stressed that his main goal is to improve youth involvement in the church by having more parish retreats and camps. “I look forward to improving the youth situation here on Tinian and to as much as possible gather the youth on a regular basis.”

Tinian San Jose Parish member Rita Borja shared that Reyes has already been involved in community events and religious family gatherings just days after his appointment.

“He is very involved in the community already and I am excited to see how he impacts the community even more in the days to come,” she said.

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