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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Associate Judge Kim-Tenorio reports for work

Teresa Kim-Tenorio reported for work yesterday as the newest Superior Court associate judge.

Upon the suggestion of Presiding Judge Robert Naraja, Associate Judge Kim-Tenorio sat next to Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho to watch the latter conduct hearings.

Camacho covered Rule 5 bail hearing, a juvenile hearing, bail modification hearing, and bench warrant hearings.

Kim-Tenorio was seen making notes during the hearings.

“I was happy to have her next to me,” Camacho said.

Saipan Tribune learned that Kim-Tenorio has no specific assignments yet as the proposed court calendar was not approved as of yesterday.

Traditionally, a new judge will handle small claims.

Gov. Eloy S. Inos swore Kim-Tenorio into office as the newest associate judge two days after the Senate confirmed her appointment.

Kim-Tenorio used to serve as legal counsel for Inos.

A juris doctorate graduate of New England School of Law in Boston, Kim-Tenorio received her certification under the CNMI Bar in May 2004 and the Michigan Bar in 2002.

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