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Saturday, April 19, 2014

‘AV2 books, e-books in line with Obama’s STEM scheme’

Joeten-Kiyu Public Library executive director John Oliver Gonzales poses with the state library’s staff while holdings newly acquired AV2 Books and e-books. (Mark Rabago) The AV2 Books and e-books that the Joeten-Kiyu Public Library recently acquired is in line with President Barack Obama’s initiative to strengthen the country’s STEM curriculum with computer-based literacy learning, according to JKPL executive director John Oliver Gonzales.

He said that integrating computer-based literacy learning with STEM (science, technology, and math) will only make the country’s students better.

“The President is challenging our nation’s schools to develop the critical thinking and analytical skills of our children. It’s in line with the priorities of the President as well as local educational agencies, state library administrative agencies, and the grants that are now being issued out in the pipeline, which is challenging all libraries, schools, and community colleges and universities to strengthen our curriculum in the STEM area, so we can be more marketable and more competitive worldwide,” he said during a demonstration of JKPL’s new AV2 Books and e-books last Wednesday.

Produced by Weigl, AV2 Books are media-enhanced books that have audiovisual and multimedia components that supplement and complement printed books.

AV2 Books and e-books also reinforce quality family time among emerging readers and strengthen lifelong learners, Gonzales said.

Erlinda Naputi, JKPL library associate, said seven of the state library’s staff took part in Wednesday demonstration. They include herself, Ray Deleon Guerrero, Celina Foreman, Vicky Isburgh, Aristotle Iglecias, Kanso Sablan, and Beth Demapan.

“We showcased what we have because they are not all aware of what we received like AV2 Books and the e-books. We just did a mini-launching within the staff so they can be informed,” she said.

Half of the library’s AV2 Books and e-books will be on the Bookmobile while the other half would stay at JKPL.

Motheread and Fatheread coordinator Beth Demapan said AV2 Books will give children a totally different experience.

“They are considered AV2 Books because there’s a lot of Web links. It’s very user-friendly. As soon as you access these books you sign in and go to the code of book and you will have a lot of Web links online. [You will] get extra materials and more in-depth information. It will not only give you cartoon image but will give you real-life images,” she said.

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