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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saipan Awaodori Team to take part in the Mochitsuki Festival

Some 30 Saipan Awaodori Team members will take part in the 2013 Mochitsuki Festival this Saturday at the Paseo de Marianas in Garapan.

The event caps the 2013 Christmas in the Marianas campaign of the Marianas Visitors Authority, which started with the Christmas Tree Decoration last Dec. 7 and the Christmas Caroling Competition and Parade of Floats on Dec. 21.

The Mochitsuki Festival is highlighted by the traditional mochi-pounding ceremony called Mochitsuki. Mochi is a Japanese rice cake made of glutinous rice, pounded into paste, and molded into different shapes.

The Saipan Awaodori Team will kick things off in the 2013 Mochitsuki Festival with their performance at 5:30pm.

It will be followed by a Mochitsuki exhibition at 6pm. A group from Green Meadow School will then perform on stage at 6:30pm, followed by the announcement of the first winner of the Mochitsuki exhibition at 7pm.

At 7:30pm, it will be Ukulele Jammers’ turn to entertain the crowd followed by a performance by Saipan Music and Dance. In between the two performances, winners of the Mochitsuki exhibition will be announced.

The evening’s event will conclude with the announcement of the winners of the Christmas Tree Decoration, the Christmas Caroling Competition, and the Christmas Costume and Float Competition.

Games and cultural activities during the 2013 Mochitsuki Festival are yoyo, Kujibiki raffle, ring throw, and slipper toss.

Food and drink vendors for the 2013 Mochitsuki Festival include Java Joe’s, Okadaya, Hula Girl, Lyn’s BBQ, Furasato Restaurant, and Kinpachi Restaurant.

Sponsors of the event are DFS Galleria, Tan Siu Lin Foundation, Public School System, Moby Dick Restaurant, Power 99FM, KKMP, Magic 100FM, MIS Enterprises, Inc. MVA, KCNM, and Kinpachi Restaurant.

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