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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Drunk woman breaks window of aunt’s house, struggles with cop

A drunk woman allegedly damaged the sliding window of her aunt’s house in Kagman III and kicked things inside a police vehicle on Sunday night.

The suspect, Christina D. Sakaziro, 47, also allegedly threatened to have his former husband, a police officer, arrest and fire a responding police officer.

Sakaziro was arrested for criminal mischief and disturbing the peace. Her bail was set at $500 cash.

Police detective Flora Danica B. Aguon stated in her report that police officer Giqo Tomokane responded to Kagman III on Sunday at 10:33pm after receiving a disturbance call.

Tomokane met with the alleged victim, who was on a wheelchair and showed him the damaged sliding window.

The alleged victim then escorted the officer to a room located in the back of the house, where Sakaziro was using a telephone and had a bottle of liquor next to her.

Sakaziro allegedly shouted at the officer that she broke the window because she accidentally locked herself out of her room.
The alleged victim said her niece, Sakaziro, is a drunkard and would sometimes beat her.

Sakaziro told Tomokane to call her former husband, a police officer, to take her home in Koblerville.

Sakaziro then started shouting profanities, prompting the officer to warn her that she would be arrested if she does not calm down.
The defendant instead shouted profanities at the officer and told him that she will have her former husband, a police officer, arrest and terminate him from his job.

Sakaziro then left the area on foot, carrying a little girl. A witness told the officer that the girl, who was crying, is not the defendant’s daughter.

The officer asked Sakaziro to put the girl down, but she refused. The officer then placed Sakaziro under arrest. Sakaziro, however, struggled with the officer. While the officer was transporting Sakaziro in a police vehicle to the Department of Corrections, she unbuckled her seatbelt and attempted to open the doors to get out.

Tomokane stopped the vehicle and called for extra police unit as Sakaziro continued to shout and kick things inside the vehicle.

Tomokane sprayed pepper mace on Sakaziro to subdue her but she allegedly continued shouting and refusing to put her seatbelt on. Two other officers arrived and assisted Tomokane in transporting the defendant to DOC. (Ferdie de la Torre)

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