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Thursday, April 17, 2014

CNMI celebrates peaceful holidays; only 1 DUI arrest

Police caught only one person driving while intoxicated on Tuesday night as the CNMI capped off the holiday season with New Year festivities.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Travis Hurst told Saipan Tribune yesterday that of the three checkpoints they had on Tuesday and yesterday on Saipan, one was arrested and brought to the Department of Corrections for driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Hurst said they ended the checkpoints yesterday at 12:45am.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, no one was arrested for DUI.

On New Year’s Eve and yesterday, no major vehicular accident was reported to DPS.

“In terms of traffic, it was pretty, pretty good. We had some complaints of fireworks and some loud noise and fighting complaints, but other than that it was pretty quiet,” Hurst said.

He said the DPS designated driver program received a lot of calls and did a lot of escorting services Tuesday night for people who felt they were too intoxicated to drive.

“That might have contributed to the low number of DUI arrests,” he said.

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