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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

8-lb Ilia’mae is New Year baby

A bouncing baby girl named Ilia’mae Muña is the CNMI’s New Year baby after coming into this world early morning yesterday, Jan. 1.

Baby Ilia’mae was among other newborns at the Commonwealth Health Center but she was the lucky one to be delivered first in 2014.

According to attending physician Dr. Ashlee Weimer, it was around noon on Dec. 31 when pregnant Nenita Annie Rose Kaipat-Romolor was admitted to the hospital. She was not expected to deliver first as two other pregnant mothers have already been in labor before she came in.

“We thought it’s the other one who will deliver the first baby, but she pushed it very well,” the doctor said about Nenita Annie Rose.

Baby Ilia’mae was born healthy, according to the doctor. Based on CHC’s record, she was delivered at 8:13am on Jan. 1 and weighed 8 lbs and measured 35cm.

“She’s going to be a happy and healthy baby!” said the doctor as she checked the mother and baby’s condition.

According to Nenita Annie Rose, they never expected their baby to be the New Year baby in the Commonwealth. In fact, she told Saipan Tribune, she was supposed to give birth on Christmas Eve but that did not happen.

It was around 4pm on Dec. 31 when realized that she may deliver soon. “I felt the pain and I was both nervous and excited for my baby. I am now relieved because I finally saw her safe and healthy,” said the new mother.

Baby Ilia’mae is Nenita Annie Rose’s first baby with her boyfriend of three years, Jerry Muña. Both parents are 18 and are seniors at Saipan Southern High and Kagman High School.

Jerry has nothing but grand dreams for his firstborn. For him, Baby Ilia’mae is a big inspiration and a priceless gift for his graduation. He plans to serve the military, be a good provider to his family, and a responsible father to his children.

“I will support whatever makes her happy,” vowed the new father.

When asked about her plans, Nenita Annie Rose is determined to finish her high school next year. Like her boyfriend, she has nothing but good dreams for her baby. “I will always be here to support her,” she said.

For first-time grandmother Caridad Saures-Kaipat, the newborn will bring much joy and happiness to both families. “She is special, and will always be special to all of us!” she told Saipan Tribune.

Baby Ilia’mae was welcomed yesterday by hospital staff, led by nursing supervisor Nieves Wabol-Nekaifes, who were all excited to meet the CNMI’s New Year baby for 2014. Relatives of the newborn also didn’t let the day pass without welcoming the newest addition to their families.

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