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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Over 1K new library cards issued; $6K fines collected

The Joeten Kiyu Public Library issued a total of 1,149 new library cards and collected overdue fines worth $6,751.2 in fiscal year 2013, according to the recently released Comparative Snapshot.

The CNMI state library issued the most number of library cards in January with 112, followed by August (109) and September (105), while the least number of issuances came in December 2012 with 48, followed by March (67) and November 2012 (73).

In library fines, May topped the list with $1,111.24 assessed, followed by January ($722.21) and June ($711.72). The months with the least library fines levied were December 2012 ($359), February ($378.03), and October 2012 ($406.28).

Circulation in fiscal year 2013, meanwhile, averaged 5,043.33, with the highest recorded in June with 5,941 and the lowest in September 2013 with 4,038.

In terms of patron base, JKPL had a total of 399,184 in fiscal year 2013, which averages out to 36,317 per month. The highest patron base was recorded in August with 36,669 and the lowest in October 2012 with 36,080.

Collections totaled 778,145 for the fiscal year for an average of 64,485. August had the most collections with 66,155, while October 2012 had the least with 63,504.

In terms of patron traffic, the state library had 85,721 total in fiscal year 2013. June had the most patron traffic with 8,671, while December 2012 had the least with 5,812.

Results of the Comparative Snapshot for fiscal year 2013 were affected by the JKPL being closed for a week of professional development training for the 23rd Annual PIALA and 18th PEC events from July 14 to 20. PIALA stands for Pacific Islands Association of Libraries, Archives, and Museums, while PEC is the acronym for Pacific Education Conference.

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