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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tsunami Saipan swimmers excel anew

Tsunami Saipan’s Kensuke Kimura races in the 50m breaststroke event during a virtual meet at the Kan Pacific Swimming Pool last month. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) Tsunami Swimming Center Saipan members made notable performance anew in a virtual meet with Tsunami Guam last month.

Tsunami Saipan took seven of the 10 first place finishes in the 100 backstroke and six in the 50m breaststroke event of the second virtual meet. The races were held held on Dec. 19 (for Tsunami Saipan) at the Kan Pacific Swimming Pool and Dec. 27 (for Tsunami Guam) at the Ysrael Complex Swimming Pool.

In the U8 100m backstroke, Tsunami Saipan had a sweep with Nanaka Watanabe and Hans Xu posting the fastest times in their divisions. Watanabe clocked in at 1:53.62 to lead Tsunami Saipan’s Top 4 finish. Ashley Dangol came in at second with her 1:58.79, followed by fellow Tsunami Saipan bets Natsuki Nagata (2:16.78) and Kana Suzuki (2:20.04), Guam’s Risa Hendrix (2:20.54), Mirai Komine (2:20.64), and Kokona Watanabe (2:24:24). Completing the finishers list were Saipan’s Shaunalyn Babauta (2:31.52).

In the boys division, Xu logged 1:48:16 and was the lone swimmer to break the two-minute barrier, beating teammate Anthony De Leon Guerrero (2:17.99). Arman Rechucher rounded out the Top 3 finish for Tsunami Saipan after submitting 2:26.18 and defeating Tsunami Guam’s Ty Leon Guerrero (2:31.60) and Riki Watanabe (2:51.72).

Tsunami Saipan also registered the best time in the 9 to 10 age group with Sophia Gauran tallying 1:35.10 and Ryuto Yanai clocking in at 1:27.40. Gauran prevailed against teammate Aika Watanabe (1:42.71) and four other Tsunami Guam swimmers. In the boys division, Yanai and his two teammates made it to the podium, as Jun Tenorio’s 1:38.19 and Kenshiro Yanai’s 1:39.28 beat the 1:43.28 of Tsunami Guam’s Chuckie White. Three other Tsunami Guam members and five Tsunami Saipan bets joined the boys 9 to 10 100m backstroke.

In the girls 11 to 12, Tsunami Saipan’s Miku Tammy finished way ahead of Guam’s Leilani Koiwa, as the former logged 1:18.37 against the latter’s 1:26.49. Completing the Top 3 was Guam’s Samantha Hon (1:29.36). Nine others participated in the race. In the boys division, Tsunami Guam had a 1-2 finish with Caleb White (1:30.47) and Jimi Hendrix (1:32:32) edging Tsunami Saipan’s Mark Maestro (1:32.70).

The two participating clubs also split top honors in the 13 to 14 age group with Tsunami Saipan’s Kaito Yanai prevailing in the boys race with his 1:14.82 and Tsunami Guam’s Hanna White posting 1:16.58 to lead the girls division. White stunned Tsunami Saipan’s Angel De Jesus (1:21.79) and teammate Sahvay Limtiaco (1:21.99), while Yanai won over Tsunami Guam’s Kai Aricayos (1:17.64) and younger brother Hiroto (1:21.83).

For the boys over 15 age group, Tsunami Saipan’s Kensuke Kimura took first place after submitting 1:03.53. He topped six Tsunami Guam swimmers and teammate Takumi Sugie (1:14.42). In the girls division, Misaki Iijima had 1:07.74 to win against her four teammates and Tsunami Saipan’s Daime Rivera (1:40.01).

Kimura and Iijima also shared top honors in the 50m breaststroke. Kimura timed in at 31.74 seconds) to place ahead of Guam’s Soujyu Usui (33.16) and Jagger Stephens (34.34). Misaki completed the race in 38.48 seconds, while fellow Tsunami Guam swimmers Ema Rione and Allysion Chiu tied for second after tallying similar times of 41.37 seconds.

In the 13 to 14 age group, De Jesus avenged her loss to White after posting the fastest time (41.17 seconds) in the field. White (43.72) settled for third behind teammate Rosalyn Mikel (42.85).

In the 11 to 12 age group, Tsunami Guam finally made a sweep with Reina Ross and Jimi Hendrix winning after checking in at 43.99 seconds and 43.06 seconds, respectively. Tammy fell to third place with her 45.91 seconds, while Maestro finished fourth after recording 50.69 seconds.

In the 9 to 10 division, Gauran and Ryuto Yanai dominated their foes anew. Gauran tapped the block at the 50.18-second mark to place ahead of Tsunami Guam’s Roxanne Mikel (51.93 seconds) and Ivory Howat (52.32). In the boys race, Ryuto timed in at 46.60 seconds to edge Aricayos (46.94) and Chuckie White (50.90).

Risa Hendrix foiled Tsunami Saipan’s bid for another sweep in the U8 age group as she clocked in at 53.66 seconds and won over Nanaka Watanabe (55.33 seconds). Ashley Dangol rounded out the Top 3 after logging 1:04.15. In the boys race, Deleon Guerrero (1:02.54) got the first place finish versus Riki Watanabe (1:02.92) and Xu (1:03.40).

Times in the virtual meet were not considered for NMI records, but Tsunami Saipan coach Hiro Kimura said they are crucial in determining the improvement of their swimmers. Kimura added that they will have another virtual meet next month.

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