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Sunday, April 20, 2014

COP has brand new golf carts

Gov. Eloy S. Inos, seventh from left, leads the unveiling ceremony for the 50 brand new golf carts of Coral Ocean Point Resort Club last Sunday. (ROSELYN B. MONROYO) Coral Ocean Point Resort Club unveiled its 50 brand new golf carts in a brief ceremony last Sunday at the parking lot of the Agingan Point golf course.

No less than Gov. Eloy S. Inos attended the unveiling ceremony, joining Department of Public Lands Secretary Pete A. Tenorio and Coral Ocean Point Resort Club general manager Taeho Kim, operations manager Dennis Seo, and HR manager Bertha Leon Guerrero. Also witnessing the ceremony were three tourists, who were also the first customers of COP last weekend.

Inos said it is good to know that E-Land through Mariana Resort, Inc. is keeping its promise of improving COP when the company took majority ownership of establishment in September last year.

“They are starting to deliver what were promised. We understand that it will take time for the redevelopment and expansion to take place considering the transportation of the equipment needed on Saipan, so it’s good that COP is moving forward,” Inos said.

The governor also called on travel agents to check COP for its golf aficionado clients, as besides the brand new golf carts, the 80 rooms on the southern end of the property have been opened for reservation starting last Sunday.

The replacement of the old golf carts and opening of the renovated rooms are part of the different phases of development at COP, according to Seo. Also undergoing renovation is the main building, while the golf course itself will also have a major facelift and more equipment at the 18-hole course will either be replaced or improved.

Seo added at least 30 more brand new golf carts are coming, allowing COP top cater to more players.

“We are inviting players to come and check our brand new golf carts and enjoy going around and playing at our course,” the COP operations manager said.

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