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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Man injured in Garapan knife attack

A man who tried to stop another man from chasing a woman was in turn attacked with a kitchen knife at an apartment in western Garapan early Sunday morning.

The victim, Xing Lin, was taken to the Commonwealth Health Center due to a deep laceration on his nape that required 10 stitches, another laceration on his left shoulder, and a scratch on the back.

The suspect, Yong Hua Zhang, 30, was arrested Monday on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and disturbing the peace. His bail was set at $6,250 cash.

Police detective Simon T. Manacop stated in his report that a police officer responded to a call about a disturbance on Sunday at 1:41am behind the Micro Beach Hotel.

When the officer arrived at the intersection of Coral Tree Avenue and Palm Street, he met Lin, who was bleeding. Medics came and transported him to CHC.

During an interview at CHC with the police officer, Lin said his friend had asked for his help in finding a woman on Saturday at about 8:30pm. The friend asked Lin to advise the woman that she was needed at work.

At 1:30am Sunday, the woman called Lin on the phone and asked him to come to her apartment because there was a man who refused to let her out of her room.

Lin drove to the woman’s apartment and, as he stood in front of the unit’s door, he saw her trying to run out the door while the man held on to her clothing. Lin blocked the man, later identified as suspect Zhang.

When Lin asked Zhang what was going on, the latter went to a room on the third floor of the building, came back, and attacked Lin with a kitchen knife measuring about eight inches long. Injured, Lin ran away and called for assistance.

Manacop said he arrested Zhang late Monday afternoon, after spotting him in front of the Verde Spa in western Garapan.

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