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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Public hospital receives donated blankets, bed sheets

Officials and representatives of Saipan World Resort and Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. gather for a group photo during a donation ceremony at the hotel Friday morning. From left are SWR sales and marketing manager Mike Babauta, CHCC facilities management director Warren Villagomez, SWR HR manager Miriam Seman, CHCC hospital administrator Jesse Tudela, and SWR housekeeping manager Nestor Arreza. (Moneth G. Deposa) The Commonwealth Healthcare Corp. received Friday a new batch of linens, boosting the public hospital’s inadequate supplies of bed sheets and blankets for its patients.

The Saipan World Resort’s latest donation of hundreds of linens includes 650 bed sheets, 250 duvet sheets, and 600 pillowcases.

These donated items are in addition to the supplies recently donated Delta Air Lines, which turned over more than 200 duvet sheets and about 150 bed sheets from Tropical Laundry.

Miriam K. Seman, Saipan World Resort HRO manager, told Saipan Tribune that the supplies they donated are all in good condition and would be a great help for the hospital.

“I’ve been to our hospital a couple of times and I see that they don’t have enough supplies. So I made the recommendation to the management that we donate these bed sheets and duvets to help the patients. All these are in a very good condition and would surely bring comfort to them,” Seman said during Friday’s turnover at the hotel.

According to hospital administrator Jesse Tudela, CHC sincerely appreciates the donation and vowed to make good use of the items. He specifically recognized Saipan World Resort general manager Hyung Cho Kim, Seman, sales and marketing manager Mike Babauta, and housekeeping manager Nestor Arreza for making the donations possible for the corporation.

“With these donations, we have more than enough to carry out with our services to our patients,” Tudela told Saipan Tribune, admitting that it’s been some time since the hospital bought new linen supplies due to funding constraints.

“With these donations, we won’t have that issue anymore where we have to wait for the clean sheets from the laundry,” he said.

With Tudela during Friday’s turnover rites were CHCC facilities management director Warren Villagomez, facilities manager Joaquin Deleon Guerrero, hospital maintenance manager Manny Aaron, and medical supply office staff.

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