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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monthly cleanup of Paseo collects 980 lbs of trash

PDM Promoters, Inc. held its monthly cleanup of the Paseo de Marianas a bit earlier than usual last Saturday with volunteers collecting a total of 980 lbs of trash.

The non-profit organization’s spokesperson Sonia Siwa said they scheduled their monthly cleanup a couple of Saturdays earlier than usual because they anticipated that a large amount of trash had accumulated at the Paseo de Marianas following the Christmas and New Year events held at the area.

The 2013 Christmas in the Marianas held its Christmas Tree Decorating Contest, Christmas Caroling Competition, and Mochitsuki Festival the past Saturdays at the Paseo de Marianas.

In all, 25 Saipan Awaodori Team members and eight Kinpachi Restaurant staff took part in the cleanup.

The 980 lbs of trash they collected consisted mostly of canned and bottled beers. The volunteers also did some bush-cutting along Paseo de Marianas and Coral Tree Avenue.

As for the age-old problem of betel nut spit, Siwa was happy to report that their cleanup last Saturday yielded no new betel but stains around Paseo de Marianas and its surrounding environs.

Siwa also commended the tenants of Garapan Square for keeping their building clean all the time.

“The only building and surroundings that always seem to maintain cleanliness at the Paseo de Marianas is the Garapan Square where Power 99 is located. Everyday I can see staff sweeping in front of their area,” she said.

The Division of Environmental Quality helped PDM Promoters in disposing of the trash they collected.

The group’s monthly cleanups collect up to 1,000 lbs of trash during these drives and is supported by major sponsors TSL Foundation, DFS Galleria Saipan, and Docomo Pacific.

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