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Sunday, April 20, 2014


Kanoa treats employees to 2nd ‘Family Fun Day’

Staff, family, and friends line up to enjoy lunch at the Kanoa Resort beach on Saturday. (Contributed Photo) Over 50 employees and their families hit the beach at the Kanoa Resort last Saturday for the hotel’s 2nd annual Family Fun Day.

According to Kanoa Resort executive assistant Cory Quing, the annual celebration started last year and is a day where all of “the employees and their families are given full access to the pool and Adventure Zone facilities and enjoy lunch and refreshments.”

G4S security staff and the hotel’s contractors also participated in the four-hour celebration, Quing said.

“It is about us giving back to the people for the services they have done [for the resort],” said Soc Villanueva, who heads the finance department. “We also want to foster camaraderie and see each other’s families as well. We invited the hotel’s partners as well to recognize their contributions.”

The celebration also featured a raffle drawing that gave away 200 raffle packages that included hotel room accommodations, dinner, and other prizes.

Quing explained that the celebration is a combination of the staff’s Christmas and New Year party.

While most of the staff were celebrating, the hotel was being run by the managers.

For one G4S security guard, it was a time for her kids to “have fun and relax before the end of the Christmas break.” Although she was on duty at the time, Lailanie Del Cruz said that she cherished the annual celebration as a time for all the employees to come together.

F&B coordinator Jen Deleon, who has worked at the hotel for exactly one year and 11 months now, shared that “it is good to get to know each other and have a good bonding time with the staff and their family.”

Employees and their families enjoyed the hotel’s newly installed Adventure Zone facilities that were constructed last year and many of them shared that the celebration was “better than the last one and definitely enjoyable.”

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