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Thursday, April 24, 2014

3-day fire and dry weather cause limited water supply

Residents and commercial establishments in certain areas on Saipan will experience a limited water supply starting today due to a recent fire in Lower Base where a significant volume of water was used to douse the flames, according to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp.

This is in addition to the present dry weather being experienced on the island, hampering the utility agency’s capacity to provide an adequate supply of water for all its customers.

CUC executive director Alan W. Fletcher said yesterday that water customers on Capital Hill, Southern Garapan, Tanapag, and Lower Base will all be affected by the limited water service that may last for a few days.

He alerted customers in the areas specifically served by Capitsl Hill, Rabagau, and Puerto Rico water tanks. This limited water service will affect customers living in the following villages: Capital Hill, Wireless Hill, Mount Tapochau, Chalan Galadie and Southern Garapan from Chalan Pale Arnold Road (Middle Road) between the Commonwealth Health Center traffic light to the Old Japanese Jail House and customers living along Beach Road from the Garapan Elementary School to the Marianas Eye Institute.

Fletcher said that customers in Tanapag and Lower Base will also be experiencing low water pressure.

“Despite CUC’s best efforts to extend full time water service, the recent combination of a three-day fire, dry weather, and potential system leakage has resulted in the low production of water from the wells and springs that supply the Capital Hill, Rabagau, Puerto Rico tank. In addition, water technicians are currently assessing the supply issues and investigating the potential of pipeline ruptures causing the low supply,” said Fletcher.

The fire that engulfed an abandoned junkyard in Lower Base started on Friday afternoon and was only put out Sunday by responding firefighters.

Fletcher told Saipan Tribune yesterday that “CUC expects two to three days to recover” depending on demand because fire units continue to draw a lot of water for fighting the fire. It is expected that hundreds of households and establishments may be affected by the limited supply.

“CUC will limit its water service for this area until the water supply source increases. CUC apologizes for this inconvenience and will continue to work on restoring services as soon as possible,” according to Fletcher.

For questions and concerns, customers are encouraged to call the Water Division at 322-5030/31.

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