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Sunday, April 20, 2014

King gets 11 mos. jail time for using drugs again

U.S. District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona has revoked the supervised release of Kisha Lyn Masga King, who admitted to using illegal drugs again during her probation.

King was originally sentenced to three years of probation for her role in a conspiracy to pass counterfeit money in some stores.

At a hearing on Friday, Manglona sentenced King to 11 months in prison, the maximum term remaining on her supervised release.

Attorney Mark Scoggins, who appeared for King’s court-appointed counsel, Matthew Smith, told the court that King would be admitting that she used methamphetamine or “ice” and marijuana on Nov. 8, 2013.

Assistant U.S. attorney Garth Backe moved to revoke the supervised release and asked the court to order King to serve 11 months in prison, with no supervised release to follow.

U.S. Probation Officer Gregory Arriola informed the court on Friday that King has not complied with the condition of her probation as she admitted to using marijuana and “ice” on Nov. 8, 2013.

Arriola said that King submitted tampered specimens on eight separate occasions from Nov. 2 to Dec. 13, 2013.

King’s probation has been revoked several times for using illegal drugs and other violations.

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