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Thursday, April 17, 2014

WIA participants complete Corrections Academy

From left, new corrections officers Koji Taisakan, Audrea Flores, and Cris Deleon Guerrero.   (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO) Workforce Investment Agency participants Koji Taisakan, Audrea Flores, and Cris Deleon Guerrero completed the 3rd Corrections Academy and were sworn into duty as correction officers on Dec. 23, 2013, during the graduation ceremony at the Hibiscus Hall of the Fiesta Resort & Spa Saipan. Deleon Guerrero grabbed the Top Gun award.

According to Taisakan: “There was a thought that ran through my mind as I pictured myself on Saipan. That thought was a question. I asked myself, ‘Will I be able to find employment as soon as possible?’ I have a family, a remarkable wife, and our miracle baby boy for whom I must provide. My life was placed at a standstill until the topic of Workforce Investment Agency emerged. So I gave it a shot. And within a month I was enrolled at the Department of Corrections 3rd Academy, and three months later I am now a Department of Corrections officer. What an accomplishment I have fulfilled with the aid of WIA. It feels absolutely incredible to come home, and say that I am able to support my family. This is all thanks to WIA, Commissioner Mafnas, my family, and my fellow corrections officers for all their encouragement throughout these challenging months. WIA has blessed two other corrections officers with employment, and the answer to my initial question is ‘Yes. I was able to find employment as soon as possible,’ and the WIA team helped to make that happen! So with the deepest regards and utmost gratitude I thank you WIA for helping a Marine veteran feel right at home.”

Aside from Taisakan, Flores, and Deleon Guerrero, an additional seven of the total 35 graduates are WIA participants.

“On behalf of [WIA] and the entire Department of Labor, we congratulate all cadets on their accomplishments and wish them all the best in their new careers,” said a Labor Department statement. (DOL)

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