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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Saipan Job Fair a success

The Governor’s Target 2014 Task Force has finalized its data inputting for the Job Fair held on Saipan on Nov. 22-23, 2013, of which a total of 457 individuals participated. The data collected from the Saipan Job Fair is of great assistance to the CNMI, and will be used by the Department of Labor to strengthen its efforts on organizing for sector trainings; encouraging state workforce partners to conduct more outreach activities for individuals, including those who do not possess a high school or equivalency diploma; and engaging individuals who remain unemployed to be proactive in updating their registration with the CNMI DOL Employment Services Division.

A Job Fair for the island of Tinian is scheduled for Jan. 24, 2014, and for the island of Rota on Jan. 31, 2014. Similar data for Tinian and Rota will be collected and published accordingly.

Funding for sector trainings are available through CW Education Fees collected under U.S. Public Law 110-229. CW education fees for previous fiscal years were appropriated to the Northern Marianas College and the Public School System; and to NMC, PSS, and Northern Marianas Trade Institute for fiscal year 2014. (Office of the Governor)

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