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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ex-convict nabbed for allegedly using illegal drugs

Federal agents arrested on Friday Ryan T. Babauta, a man who is on federal probation after serving a prison term for joining a group of prisoners in a hostage drama at the Department of Corrections in 2009, this time for allegedly violating the terms of his probation, including using illegal drugs several times.

Babauta was served with an arrest warrant and taken to the U.S. District Court for the NMI on Friday afternoon.

At the hearing, Magistrate Judge Heather L. Kennedy ordered Babauta’s continued detention pending a revocation hearing on Thursday, Jan. 16, at 3pm.

Kennedy cited the seriousness of the original charges in this case and the violations alleged in the petition for revocation, including Babauta leaving his residence without informing his probation officer, and with his being on supervised release only since September 2013.

Babauta was remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshal.

At the hearing, Babauta, through court-appointed counsel David Banes, waived the preliminary examination hearing and asked for the revocation hearing to be set at a later date.

Assistant U.S. attorney Rami Badawy asked Babauta’s continued detention pending the revocation hearing.

Banes disclosed that Babauta’s parents are willing to serve as third-party custodians.

The U.S. Probation Office asked the court last week to issue a warrant for Babauta to appear to explain why his term of release should not be revoked. The court granted the request and issued the arrest warrant.

U.S. Probation Officer Gregory F. Arriola said that Babauta admitted to using methamphetamine or “ice” on Nov. 6 and 17, 2013. Arriola said the defendant further admitted using “ice” and marijuana on Dec. 4, 2013.

Babauta, Arriola said, also failed to give advance notice to his probation officer before changing residence and that Babauta failed to appear for his counseling sessions and random drug testing.

Babauta was among six prisoners who staged a 14-hour hostage drama at DOC in Susupe in March 2009. At the time, he was serving a prison term for involuntary manslaughter over the killing of a Bangladeshi national in Chalan Kanoa.

In August 1999 the federal court slapped Babauta with 180-month prison sentence and five years of supervised release, for hostage taking and felon in possession of a firearm.

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