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Monday, April 21, 2014

PSS bares salary scale of personnel

The Public School System bared yesterday the compensation it currently offers its employees, with school administrators having the highest salary packages.

Based on PSS data, 33 school administrators receive salaries that range from $40,000 to $60,000 per annum depending on their credentials. School administrators are principals and vice principals. They earn an average salary of $52,125.87. Of the current administrators, the years of experience range from 0 to 22 years with an average of 10 years in service.

Classroom teachers come second on the pay scale. Based on its data, PSS currently employs 412 classroom teachers who earn between $30,767 and $47,001 per annum, depending on credentials. Their average salary is $39,018. The teaching years experience ranges from 0 to 23 years, with an average of six years.

School counselors are paid on a similar scale. PSS currently has 21 who are paid between $30,976 and $47,001 per annum. The average salary of counselors is $35,933. The years of experience range from 0 to 12 years, at an average of five years.

Related service providers have salaries that range from $29,906 to $47,001. There are 12 personnel classified as related service providers and earn an average of $44,281. Years of experience range from 0 to 17 years or an average of eight years.

Non-certified personnel earn an average salary of $25,303 per annum. PSS has a total of 413 non-certified personnel.

For instructors, their salaries range from $18,588 to $33,289 per annum. PSS employs 49 instructors for its Chamorro, Carolinian Language Heritage Studies, Career Technical Education, and Head Start programs. Many instructors earn an average of $22,188 and the years of experience range from 0 to 23 years.

PSS has 19 campuses on Saipan, Tinian, and Rota.

Federal funds

Based on PSS data released yesterday through the system’s newsletter Students First, a total of 268 teaching and support staff FTEs are being funded by federal funds.

This fiscal year 2014, it was bared that PSS expects to receive $29.4 million in federal program funding, about a third of which funds the 268 FTEs. The rest are for program operations.

Saipan Tribune learned that the 268 FTEs are funded by the following programs: 86 FTEs funded by the consolidated grant; 10 FTEs funded by the Nutrition Assistance Grant; 136 FTEs for the Special Education programs; 32 FTEs for the Head Start program funds; two FTEs for federal transit administration funds; and two FTEs for the Reading Mastery program.

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