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Monday, April 21, 2014

Shirley’s Coffee Shop holds employee appreciation event

Shirley’s Coffee Shop general manager Susan Macario, second right, poses with cook supervisor Roy Palma, left, and relatives of the restaurant’s employees. (Mark Rabago) Some 45 staff of Shirley’s Coffee Shop attended an employee appreciation party hosted by the restaurant’s general manager, Susan Macario, last Jan. 6.

The party actually served as the company’s post-Christmas and post-New Year celebration and the mood was festive at the Macario home in As Lito all throughout the event.

After a dinner of all-time favorites like pancit, dinuguan, menudo, ham, chopsuey, and the centerpiece lechon (roasted pig), Shirley’s staff took part in some parlor games and the much-awaited company raffle, which gave away cash prizes, wines, house wares, and gift certificates from the restaurant’s generous sponsors.

Before the evening’s celebration ended, Macario thanked the restaurant staff for helping sustain Shirley’s the previous year. She individually thanked accountant Benjie Del Rosario and supervisors Jun Metran, Angel Catungal, and Roy Palma for helping her run Shirley’s.

Earlier in the day, Macario and Shirley’s management gave in-kind gifts to staff consisting of two packs of dressed chicken and ham. Employees also received a $25 gift certificate for Makeover Salon.

Macoi Aguda acted as emcee of the party.

Founded in 1983, Shirley’s Coffee Shop has been serving the best of Chamorro, Filipino, and American cuisines in generous servings on Saipan and in Guam.

For more information about Shirley’s Coffee Shop, call the Garapan restaurant at 233-4519 to 20 or the Susupe branch at 235-5379 to 80.

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